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Restructuring of organizational structure and management innovation using IT are only possible with business process innovation. In order for new business processes to truly deliver results, it is essential to anticipate and effectively respond to the changing risks.

Our unique methodologies and techniques for establishing and evaluating internal controls have been adopted and highly evaluated by many companies.


Rapid Response to Risks and Environmental Changes

Information System Reconstruction and Internal Controls

Operating new business processes that incorporate internal control requirements designed in conjunction with the construction of new information systems reduces redundant and wasteful rework.

J-SOX Compliance in Response to Environmental Changes

Corporate Reform and Internal Control Reporting System

We help you to operate the internal control evaluation and reporting system required for corporate reforms such as information system restructuring, M&A, etc., to document internal controls, and to ensure that the quality level is high enough for external audits.

Review J-SOX Compliance

Streamline J-SOX Compliance

If the initial introduction of J-SOX resulted in an excessive workload for internal control evaluations, especially operational evaluations, you can reduce the workload by reviewing the scope of evaluations and key controls.

Review Information Systems due to Information System Restructuring, Organizational Restructuring, Significant Organizational Changes, etc.

When an information system is restructured, it is necessary to review not only ITGC and ITAC, but also related business process controls in general. Also, a review of business process controls is required when business processes change drastically due to organizational restructuring, significant organizational changes, or the launch of a new and large-scale business.

Outsource and Co-Source J-SOX Compliance

Since resources for internal audits, including J-SOX compliance, are often limited, if resources are insufficient, outsourcing can solve the resource shortage and allow for internal control assessments to be conducted at remote locations. In cases where resources are available but know-how is lacking, outsourcing allows for the accumulation of in-house know-how.
We support your J-SOX compliance in cooperation with overseas network firms.

Strengthen Internal Audit Functions

Risk Management and Internal Audit

Internal audits serve to check whether the day-to-day activities of an organizational entity are operated in accordance with the rules (internal controls) determined by the organization, whether any actions are taken that pose a risk to the entity, and whether the current rules are effective and efficient in reducing risk, The purpose is to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, to protect assets, and to improve management efficiency.
By establishing an internal audit system or strengthening the internal audit function, it is also possible to achieve corporate governance, prevent and detect fraud at an early stage, and improve operational efficiency.

Outsource and Co-Source Internal Audits

Since internal audit resources are often limited and the level of internal audit functionality required varies depending on the size and business operations of the company, it is essential to conduct internal audits in a manner that is well balanced with the risks involved. A well-functioning internal audit can contribute to the development of the investee's business by providing information, suggestions for improvement, advice, and follow-up to the business execution department. Therefore, if resources are insufficient, outsourcing can eliminate resource shortages and enable internal audits to be conducted remotely. In addition, when resources are sufficient but know-how is lacking, co-sourcing will enable the accumulation of in-house know-how.

We work with our network firms overseas so that we can help you conduct internal audits of your overseas subsidiaries.


Investigation of Overseas Subsidiaries, etc.

Recently, more and more Japanese companies are finding their way overseas and acquiring overseas companies. In order to increase the corporate value of the Group, it is important to maximize synergies within the Group. On the other hand, there are an increasing number of cases where the actual status of overseas subsidiaries is unknown and it is difficult to know where to start.
Characteristics of overseas subsidiaries
In general, due to the physical distance and cultural differences between the parent company and the overseas subsidiary, interpersonal interaction tends to be limited, and management tends to be left to the overseas subsidiary. This tendency for lack of oversight by the parent company and lack of resources for monitoring is even more pronounced in overseas subsidiaries, and in recent years there has been an increase in misconduct at overseas subsidiaries.
Identify the actual status of overseas subsidiaries

Each of the subsidiaries has different organizational management capabilities and business diversity.
In order to strengthen the group's organizational capabilities and achieve the group's goals and business strategies, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of group companies.

We work with overseas network firms to investigate the financial position of overseas subsidiaries, visualize and review their operations, and present and implement improvement measures to help improve the management systems of overseas subsidiaries and so on.


Develope Internal Control Systems

Recently, the number of corporate scandals has been increasing, and corporate governance, a system to monitor corporate management, has become increasingly important. For corporate governance to function adequately, it is important to build and operate an internal control system and also to build and operate a company-wide risk management (ERM) system.

Fraud Investigation and Accounting Advisory


fraud investigation

Investigate using our extensive know-how

Recently, there are many cases of not only accounting fraud but also data falsification, etc., which can significantly damage the value of a company. In addition, the frauds that companies face are becoming more and more complex every year, and frauds by a combination of various methods, such as data falsification, etc., are being uncovered.

In response to these increasingly diverse and complex fraud cases, we utilize the know-how gained from auditing to investigate the actual situation, clarify the facts, determine the root causes of the problem, and provide support for appropriate disclosure by using techniques such as document inspection, questioning of relevant personnel, and data analysis. We also provide support for appropriate disclosures. In addition, our experienced consultants will propose solutions to prevent recurrence.

Fraud Investigation Flow
1.Initial investigation
2.Fact-finding investigation
3.Recommendation of corrective measures
4.Support for stakeholder response
5.Implementation of corrective measures
6.Implementation of recurrence prevention measures


Accounting Advisory

Accounting Guidance for Accounting Standards Revisions with Background Considerations

"Accounting standards are revised every year in order to cope with highly globalized and complex businesses. At GYOSEI Consulting, we do not just introduce the revised accounting standards, but also provide accounting guidance by considering the interpretation of the accounting standards suitable for your business, which is assumed from the background of the revision. We also collaborate with CPAs belonging to Group auditing firms to introduce the latest industry trends and support your company's further growth."
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