Representative Message

Message from Representative Partner


We have gathered at GYOSEI CONSULTING with the ambition to "lead our clients to success in their growth and revitalization," "contribute to their progress," and "contribute to society through our consulting services." GYOSEI CONSULTING has a diverse members from inside and outside of the GYOSEI Group. As the needs of clients are varied with changes in the business environment, the consulting fields in which we are expected to engage are expanding.

In providing consulting services, we give the utmost importance to understanding the clients' business environment and management issues. In addition, we believe it is important to sincerely address clients' issues and to be dependable. We cooperate with the GYOSEI Group and its international network to meet clients' diverse challenges, and sincerely resolve them.

As "Dependable and stable beacon" for you, we are committed to providing maximum value by resolving your any challenge.

Hitake Fukuda
Representative Partner