"Dependable and stable beacon" for you

GYOSEI CONSULTING is a consulting firm of the GYOSEI Group.
The name "GYOSEI" comes from looking up at the stars. The North Star shines stably in the northern sky throughout the year, and has been a beacon for navigators since ancient times.
We have named our group "GYOSEI" with the determination and passion to be a "dependable and stable beacon" for all companies facing up to difficult times.
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Our Mission

Contribute to today's society with our services

Excellent management skill is most valuable in today's society. The more well managed entities leads to the more national prosperity, the better morale, and the more hope for our children. We are professionals with ambitions to help more and more entities grow into such well managed ones and all of us have common philosophies. We provide excellent services individually but even superior services as a team with diverse personalities and skill sets.

We provide comprehensive, high value-added services to you by organically uniting our experts in accounting, taxation, operations/systems, human resources and labor, M/A and reorganization, and more.


Hitake Fukuda
Representative Director, Hitake Fukuda
Representative Partner, Certified Public Accountant
Engaged in IPO support services within the GYOSEI Group, financial advisory services related to M&A and organizational restructuring, and various consulting services corresponding to corporate lifecycle.
Akiyoshi Kaneko
Akiyoshi Kaneko
Partner, CPA,IT Coordinator
Experienced in various MCS projects (internal control, shortening closing processes, SSC, ERP implementation support, etc.).
Recently, engaged in cloud service utilization support (AWS, Google WorkSpaces, etc.) and cloud risk management support.
Koichi Kasahara
Koichi Kasahara
Partner, Certified Public Accountant
Expert mainly in accounting and finances.
Engaged in BPR consulting, IPO support, cost accounting system construction, and ERP package implementation, as well as shortening closing period and internal control reporting system compliance.
Masaji Daiho
Masaji Daiho
Partner, Certified Public Accountant
After experiencing IPO support services and MCS consulting services, he was mainly engaged in financial advisory services in general.
He has extensive experience in various support services for M&A projects ranging from listed companies to small and medium-sized companies, support services for corporate rehabilitation and business revitalization, and support services for preparation and implementation of business improvement plans.
Naohiko Honda
Naohiko Honda
Partner, Certified Public Accountant
Engaged in IPO support services, financial advisory services related to M&A and corporate restructuring, and financial and accounting consulting services focusing on the business management system, internal controls, system implementation, and shortening closing period.
Yohei Kondo
Yohei Kondo
Partner, CPA,Tax Consultant
M&A specialist handling from deal structuring to audit support for PPAs, for both domestic and cross-border transactions.


Company NameGyosei Consulting Co., Ltd.
Corporate Identification Number2010001078909
EstablishmentJune 6th, 2002
Representative PartnerHitake Fukuda

Head Office

Address Gobancho YS Building 2F, 12-3 Gobancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0076, JAPAN
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TEL +81-3-5211-7889
FAX +81-3-6256-8302

Osaka Office

Address Fukaki Kawaramachi Building 8F, 3-4-9 Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 541-0048, JAPAN
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TEL +81-6-4706-8066
FAX +81-6-4706-8067